ParentsKidsShouldersGetting Rid of Boredom:  8 Simple Ways to Have Fun With Your Preschooler

The great advantage of having fun with your child is that it can happen anywhere and at anytime. It’s easy to have fun at an amusement park, or a sporting event. Birthday parties and field trips are designed to been enjoyable for children. But, what happens when there is nothing readily available when your preschooler utters those infamous words, “I’m bored?”

To totally eliminate the words, “I’m bored,” might be a task that’s difficult to accomplish. But there are simple ways to manage the boredom and have fun with your preschooler, even when there appears to be nothing interesting to do. Take a look at these simple ways to laugh and help engage fun with your preschooler:

 Simplify conversations with your child. Instead of talking about eating vegetables or behavior problems, which seems like lectures to your child; have enjoyable conversations to include topics such as your child’s favorite toys, movies and super heroes.

 Play some upbeat music and dance or sing a song together

 Look for items in the kitchen and use them as musical instruments. Then play your own music together.

 Have a movie night at home. Place blankets on the floor with snacks, and flashlights, and allow your child to choose his/her favorite movie.

 Have a sleep over. Invite your child’s best friend to spend the night, and have available some fun activities for them to embrace together.

 Let your child style your hair.

 Give each other manicures and pedicures.

 Choose a board game and create your own rules.

There are countless ways to have fun when you are willing to laugh and play with your child. Even after a long day at work, laughter can be a welcomed relief for you and your child. The benefits of laughter go much further than entertaining your child. There are emotional and physical benefits for adults as well.

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