Image result for CakeNew Year Fortune Cake

What is a New Year Fortune Cake you ask? It’s like a fortune cookie in that you get a prize inside, but with a cake. New Year’s is a time for starting fresh so why not make it fun by giving out “fortunes” to see what your new year holds?

You can bake your cake from a box mix or an old family recipe. Get the family involved. Dad can beat the eggs, mom can melt the butter, and kids can stir the batter.

This multi colored cake looks festive and fun for a fortunes!

Once the cake has been baked, cut small slits in insert some New Year’s fortune charms. Frost the cake to cover the slits, and serve.

Charms can be found at any local craft store. Look for charms that represent predictions for the coming year (a heart for love, a suitcase for travel and a coin for riches). If they are small, you may want to attach a tiny ribbon, so they won’t be missed.

With each piece of cake you not only get a delicious treat, but also a fortune to start off the New Year. Everyone will look forward to this delightful tradition for years to come.



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